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Out on a business lunch and it’s not an appropriate time to meet? Just select “maybe later” and your match will be remembered for a later and better time.
What happens with declined matches? Declined matches are placed on a blacklist and will not show up again (limited by memory).

I don’t want to meet anyone in my office building… is there anything I can do to prevent that?
Strike has included a function to “excluded areas” where you do not want to be matched. You are able to exclude up to 10 locations easily using a map/pin and set a radius of your desire around that location.

What platforms are supported?
Strike works on iOS (iOS10 and higher) & Android phones

The scout makes it possible to work without internet coverage. Scouts also gives you the ability to find a match within close proximity.

Once you get a Strike Subscription, the Scout will be sent to you by mail.

You can download the Strike App in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

They are cafes and restaurants, where can see your match potential in percent before going there.