About Us

Bringing the spark back to meeting!

Strike is dedicated to providing real life encounters for singles or those looking to meet new friends while either on the go or at one of our official Strike partner locations.

The idea had come about with the realization that technology is isolating us rather than bringing us together. Wouldn’t it be better to bring back meeting in real-life with the advancements of technology, end the planned encounter and evaluation of strangers based on pictures?

Life brings many changes and both dating and friendships often need to be replenished for variety reasons. Life experiences can quickly change relationships. A move to a new city? Having lost touch with old friends?

We believe that people are much more interested and accepting of others when connecting in real life as compared to searching through profiles. Strike turns back the hands of time by enabling spontaneous  meeting-in-person, bringing your senses and intuition back into deciding if you would like to date or peruse a friendship with this person or not. Essentially bringing the spark back to meeting.