Discover Strike

Transforming Online Dating into Real-Life Meeting...

Strike gives you the chance to spontaneously meet matches in your close proximity and with a real life impression.

Strike is a new way to meet  matches that fit your personal preferences without having to give our any personal information about yourself. Our system consists of the Strike app along with the wearable device we call Scout. It’s fun and easy to use and best of all, it’s designed to find matches while you go about your daily activities.

Strike Benefits Explained

  • Our hardware is designed to protect our users privacy. It works in an encapsulated environment, this way we can ensure that your data stays on your device and is never breached by third parties.
  • Your profile and search information is not uploaded to a server or published on the internet.
  • Other users do not receive your information and can not reach you after a match sequence has occurred.
  • If you wish to have further contact,  you must physically exchange your number or contact information yourself
  • The average online dater spends 1.5 hours daily searching profiles.  Break free from the virtual searching, texting and swiping. The real world is where we want to experience our emotions.
  • Studies show that romance scam victims in the USA and Canada have caused nearly $1 billion in losses over the last 3 years. A company that screens online profiles says 1 in 7 profiles they scan each month are fraudulent.
  • With Strike, there is no hiding behind fake profiles. Whether for humiliating others, scamming money or simply out of boredom!
    Not only do you see your match, users are unable to play a numbers game, making our system unattractive  for scammers.
  • Because there has been no previous communication when meeting, users are not lulled into thinking they know the other person. Users are are fully aware and encouraged to use their best judgment, instincts and trust red flags which might have been overlooked if previously texting for an extended period of time.
  • People are more respectful of others when they meet in a personal situation. By eliminating the ability to hide behind fake profiles, we reduces the unfortunate tendency for individuals to behave in unacceptable ways, e.g. ghosting, insulting or inappropriate pictures.
  • It’s our mission to make dating fun and personal once again. But let’s talk safety. A UK study claims that online dating-related crimes have increased by 450% the last 5 years.
    That’s why we have chosen to offer additional safety features that contribute to protecting our users safety, such as optional
  • Verified Identities and/or
  • Monthly Background Checks if desired.
  • Nothing beats meeting a person in real life to determine if there is chemistry.
  • We are so much more than a profile picture 
  • Meeting your match in person gives you an authentic impression of sympathy – eliminating the risk of disappointing blind dates.
  • Strike relieves your of all the extensive efforts invested in online dating, such as selecting from a crowd of pictures, extensive texting, etc.​
  • Just setup your profile and who you are looking for and your Scout will do the work for you.
  • We are more likely to give someone a chance when meeting them in real life, as compared to a thoughtless left swipe.
  • People don’t judge as harshly when meeting in person as compared to looking at a profile online.
  • Finding matches during your daily activities saving you from going out of your way.
  • What makes those on the internet better than those you come into proximity with on a daily basis? There are interesting people all around us, we just might need a little nudge to  strike up a conversation with a stranger…That is where Strike comes into play, helping you break the ice with another who is looking to meet too.
  • Search criteria targets those who match your wishes and eliminates individuals that are definitely not what you are looking for.
  • Our real life experience gives you a candid insight on your matches body language and natural appearance.
  • Our two step matching process guarantees mutual sympathy eradicating the initial risk of refusal.
  • Narrow down exactly who you want to meet based on our funnel of search criteria.
  • Not using GPS so there is no time delay when crossing paths and not tracking your movements.
  • Your Scout finds your match and makes starting a conversation easy as it also works as an ice breaker.