Personal Safety
And Data Privacy

Included Safety Features

That are built into the app!


Providing safety and privacy, this feature can be setup in advance so that you will not be bothered with matches in particular places. Available for Strike+ users.

choose first!

Female users see their matches profile picture first and decide if the matching process will continue or end. In the case that there are no females or two females involved in a match, the profile pictures will be revealed simultaneously.


This feature provides users with safety and privacy during times when being matched might be undesirable. A perfect example for this useful feature might be a might be a business lunch.
Chemistry strikes even while passing on the street!

Coming Soon

Your concerns matter! That’s why we are currently working on adding additional safety options that create an even safer dating environment.

  • Verified Identities
  • Background Checks

Data Privacy

When we created Strike, it was our mission to protect our users data.
Your profile and search criteria is private and not traded with others.
Our patent pending technology makes it impossible for third parties to access or abuse your data, eliminating any potential risk of data breaches long before they occur.

Furthermore, we follow all policies created by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Find more details as to how we collect data like billing information in our privacy policy.

Strike app screenshot about data privacy