How it Works

Step 1

Easy and concealed hub installation

Our patent pending hub communicates with users close to your business. It is designed for quick, easy and concealed installation and allows dynamic or static use – perfect for pop ups or static locations.

Step 2

Customize push notifications

Advertise your business as a Strike location and showcase your special offers as push notifications on our users smartphones the moment they are close by. Our dashboard even includes specific user demographics you can choose to include or exclude.

Step 3

Set Your Budget

Always stay in control of your expenses. No hidden costs at any time!

Businesses can easily set Budget Caps to determine the amounts they wish to spend in this advertising form.

Step 2

Post your events

Our Event Calendar is perfect for posting  up coming & future events, allowing users who prefer to plan ahead and RSVP. 

Get the attention of the spontaneous consumers who is in your vicinity of your business with current specials and in-the-moment events.

Step 3

Track and react
in real-time

Real Time Consumer Analytics provide the opportunity to react in the moment and improve event and strategies with trackable yet anonymous user reports.