Safety Features

We care about your safety!

“Don’t meet strangers from the internet!” Isn’t that something we’ve all heard somewhere. Scary enough to think that nowadays, getting in an Uber with a stranger you ordered off an app has become the new normal.

But let’s talk dating: Did you know… read more¬† that online dating-related crimes have increased by 450% in the last 5 years? So yes, it’s definitely the safer choice to meet in public. But how else can you ensure your personal safety? We’ve added a couple of features to create the safest dating experience possible:

Women Match First

Female users see their matches profile picture first and decide if they want to reveal their own profile picture to their match. If there are no females or two females involved in a match, the pictures will be revealed simultaneously.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Having a good time with friends and don’t want to be disturbed? Activate the Do Not Disturb Mode for as long as you like and be present in the moment!

Excluded Areas

Providing both safety and privacy, this feature automatically deactivates Strike while you’re at particular places in which you do not want to connect with other users, e.g. work.
Available for Strike+ members only.

AI Powered
Selfie Recognition

AI Powered Selfie Recognition

Our artificial intelligence solution checks that uploaded profile pictures comply with our picture policy. This advanced, 5 point system prevents users from hiding behind a picture of their favorite pet, a mask, George Clooney or uploading explicit images.

Verified Profiles

Did you know that 1 in 7 dating profiles on the internet are fraudulent? By verifying our users profiles, we make sure that the search information regarding name, gender an age correspond with the information on a members ID or license. No more catfishing!

Background Checks (coming soon)

Background Checks

(coming soon)

The safest way to date – ever! Passing our optional background checks allows members to choose if they would like to only match with other members that have passed our background check, too.

Read more to find out what our Background Checks entail and how we protect your privacy.

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