How it Works

What can you expect when you're using Strike!

Meeting in real life is spontaneous and exciting!

We put together a step-by-step guide for you to navigate through the app to make sure you never miss a match.

Set up your profile

1. Set up your profile

Tell us more about yourself and who you are looking to meet. Make sure to include a clear profile picture so our match can find you!

Strike Dating App - Set up your profile
Visit a Strike Location

2. Visit a Strike Location

Find a Strike Location in your area indicated on the Strike Map. We have included fun venues like food halls, bars, clubs and even bowling alleys. The heat waves indicate where your matches are hanging out.

Strike Dating App - Visit a Strike Location
When a match is nearby

3. When a match is nearby

You will receive a notification and get asked if it is a good time to meet. If both matches agree to meet, each will receive the others profile picture with a unique color code to help spot each other. Let the sparks fly!

Strike Dating App - When a math is nearby.
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Want to find matches outside of Strike Locations?

Get your wearable to meet matches wherever you go.
Connect it to your app and it will notify you when a match is close by.

Official Strike Locations

Strike at official Strike Locations

Visit selected Strike Locations and meet matches in real life! Just download our free app, grab your best friend, visit one of the locations indicated in our app and join the Strike movement!

Strike wherever you go

Strike wherever you go

You might be walking by your perfect match – without even knowing it!

Strike+ gives you the flexibility of matching while on the go. Upgrade to our wearable and meet matches anytime and anywhere.

and meet matches for free at selected Strike locations!